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Fleece Neck Gaiter

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With those cold winter months fast approaching, the neck gaiter from Manitoba is guaranteed to protect you from even the harshest conditions Mother Earth can throw at you.

The black Therm-Flex fleece lining is specially designed to retain natural body heat by trapping air, creating thousands of warm pockets within the lining while actively drawing moisture away from your skin; keeping you dry. Its unique, four-way stretch properties also means it is easy to put on with one size fitting most.

The windproof outer shell is finished in TECL-WOOD® camouflage, making it easy to pair with the wide range of garments Manitoba has available that feature the same camouflage pattern.

The neck gaiter is covered by Manitoba 2-year guarantee of quality, providing peace of mind that if any fault is found with the garment within two years of purchase, it will be repaired or replaced.
• Black fleece lined
• Features TECL-WOOD® camouflage pattern
• Warm lofted fibres trap air, retaining body heat
• 4-way stretch - easy to put on
• One size fits most.
• 2-year guarantee of quality - If your Manitoba garment is found to be faulty in any way within 2 years of purchase, we will repair or replace it.