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Microfleece Balaclava Pro Windproof

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The Manitoba Micro Fleece Balaclava keeps your head warm and concealed in the winter months. Made from microfibre fleece fabric which is a lightweight and flat-lock stitched for durability and comfort. The Manitoba Balaclava packs down tight and can be rolled up and worn as a beanie. Therm Flex keeps the wearer warm and dry by trapping 1000s of warm pockets of air in the fleece while actively moving moisture away from the skin.

• Size L/XL.
• Windproof
• Warm microfibre fleece.
• Mesh breathing vent prevents condensation.
• Flat-lock stitching for durability and comfort.

Comes with Manitoba's 2-year Guarantee of Quality. If your Manitoba garment is found to be faulty in any way within 2 years of purchase, we will repair or replace it.