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Manitoba Patrol Bum Bag Realtree Camo

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Manitoba has developed this pack to fulfill the demanding needs of hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. It has been been built from top quality materials to perform at the high levels required in the harsh conditions found in nature. Attention has been paid to ensuring strength in the areas required and lightness where possible.

As dedicated outdoors people we have utilized our experiences to create a product that will last and carry your gear in style.

The Patrol Bum Bag is an amazing quality bum bag with the perfect amount of pockets for those items you just need right at your fingertips. It's so lightweight and comfortable, when you fill it up it won't feel like it's dragging down.

• Mulitple pockets for all those essential items
• Top quality YKK zips
• Airflow mesh harness fabric
• Duraflex blaze orange buckles
• High strength construction
• Colour: Realtree Extra Green Camo