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Premium Fleece T-Shirt Black

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The Manitoba premium fleece t shirt is an excellent companion for everyday use, providing an ideal outer layer for summer or spring, or an insulating mid-layer for winter conditions as well. 

Designed with functionality in mind, these garments are comfortable and enable a full range of movement. The fabric is a hard-wearing, yet soft 320gsm brushed fleece that can take the rigors of regular outdoor use. 

The versatility of fleece is amazing - from a day of duck shooting or target shooting at the range, to farming or even for DIY work in the shed at home, this is absolutely perfect for any occasion! Super lightweight, warm and pleasant, this will ensure you are comfortable no matter what you're doing. 

• Lightweight, warm and free-moving
• Made from soft, quality 320gsm brushed fleece
• The microfibre fleece tees are soft, comfortable and hard-wearing with an extended curved hem to maintain warmth
• Available in size XS - 3XL